This is an extremely useful tool

‚Äčin the production of good photography. Sometimes the camera doesn't show the scene as we see it, so it needs a little help to show the full dynamic range that the eye can capture.


I've always had an interest in photography. Even as a child I always wanted to take the photograph rather than being in the picture. I got my first SLR at 19 a Fujica STX1, a totally manual camera. So I had to get to know how to work the camera and lense to get the shot. I use photoshop CS5 & Lightroom 3 to edit and process my pictures.



My name is Paul Redmond  I am a photographer from Dublin Ireland. I cover a wide range in the photography scene from landscape, portraits, weddings, new born and corporate events.

I am a Licentiate of the Irish Photographic Federation

I also like to travel so I've built up a large portfolio from my travels.